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Fiber glass fire hose cabinets


Fiberglass hand lay process is the first production process which our factory had. Established in 2000 year, our first fiberglass product was made via hand lay up process.

Hand lay up is an open molding process, it is the most common and least expensive open-molding method because it requires the least amount of equipment.

Fiber glass matting are placed by hand in the mold and resin is applied with a brush or roller.

It is the best choice for the fiberglass products with glossy gel coat finish, large complicated shape and low volume.

The most important factor for hand lay process producion is the skill of workers, after development with over 20 years, our workers are very stable and experienced, 80% of our workers have been worked in our factory with more than ten years.

We had strict working instruction for every raw material and every step during the whole production.

We are very proud with glossy gel coat finish of our fiberglass parts.


1) Ideal for all shapes and sizes

2) Low mould investment.

3) Suitable for low volume parts.

Our Production capacity:

1)Complete production lines.

2)More than 50 skilled workers for fiberglass hand lay process.

3)Experienced for manufacturing fiberglass hand lay up products from different field.

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